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Airgurus Ltd. Co., the leading Helicopter and Aircraft Charter and Air Ambulance company in the Philippines is offering diving enthusiasts one (1) day diving trips to Apo Reef, Mindoro with one of the countries’ best dive masters as your guide to the world’s second largest contiguous coral reef in the world and the largest one in the Philippines.



Airgurus Ltd. Co. offers helicopter / private charter, air ambulance / medevac and many other services in the Philippines! read on

Valentine’s Day….is a day to express love in many means and ways… simple or grand… either way, it’s always the thought that counts!

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Aerial coverage of the Mini Cooper driven by partners Dominic Ochoa and Ricky Montelibano via Airgurus Ltd. Co.‘s helicopter in full details here…

Aboard the Airgurus Ltd. Co.‘s SkyAid helicopter, we chased these men in the blue Subaru during the endurance race of Boss 2011 Ironman Challenge VI up North of the Philippines and I say it was wild!!!

From the time we spotted them dashing through a town in La Union in an incredible speed till we managed to follow them… looking down, chasing and taking snapshots of the blue Subaru has got to be the most exhilarating experience last January 8, 2011!  I loved it and I love Subaru!

To see aerial shots / images, see full story here…

Even when we booked our flights early this Holiday Season to wherever we want to spend it, there is just no way if our plans will be spoiled by flight delays, weather, mechanical problems or by any force beyond your airline’s control. You all know how it is in December to 1st week of January… more flights but most get delayed, longer lines due to overflow of passengers, higher fare prices + if we get stuck, we get fewer route options this holiday season as carriers normally cut back on flights.

Travel agents would usually recommend that we plan our trip as soon as possible and not booking the last flight of the day in case of cancellations. What could make it easier for our travels too is packing light, getting to airports early, allowing enough time to connect and avoid long queues along baggage checking counters.

But what if we are in the middle of our vacation and suddenly we got personal and/or business matters that we suddenly have to attend to on time in the city? Imagine being in Boracay Island stranded and helpless over airline counters with no available seats, flights and chances of getting on a next flight flight is very slim… it will surely be a nightmare! Had a fare share of that and I don’t want that anymore! I would charter an aircraft!

In the Philippines, Airgurus Ltd. Co. is ready to serve 24/7 flights to those who direly need them and is involved in every aspect of client’s charter needs from choosing which aircraft is best suited for the client’s needs to making sure that they have reached their destinations on time, in luxury and in comfort. Airgurus pilots’ and crew’s extensive skills encompass all stages of preparation and operation including hotel bookings for business and leisure, custom tour packages, set travel insurances and further assistance to make their client’s experience during the holidays hassle-free.

Airgurus Ltd. Co., will make the impossible, possible this holiday season. Airgurus’ pilots are distinguished in technical expertise combined with actual dedicated flight experiences thereby ensuring client’s safety while receiving the most efficient and professional service.

In case I’m stuck somewhere this holiday and there’s an emergency situation, I won’t even hesitate in definitely chartering a flight again from Airgurus Ltd. Co. If it happens to you, keep in mind that although it may seem as a luxury, getting to very important destinations is not luxury but a necessity. Time is the one thing we can’t afford to lose.

If it really does happen to you, call Airgurus right away! They operate 24/7 on numbers
+632 583 6337
+632 854 4086
+63 920 955 0897
+63 917 596 6288!

If you want to plan ahead of time and ask for information, email them at or simply visit the and their blog spot Airgurus Official Blogspot.


How about flying-in a helicopter and jumping out in full scuba kit into the ocean below to go on a dive? Sounds like something you want to try? May i remind you though that heli-diving is not for those with faint hearts. To participate in heli-diving, you must have at least 10 logged dives! Imagine telling your friends of your heli-diving experience …”Yeah, I went up on a chopper, jumped out in my scuba gear and went for a little dive!”

Airgurus Ltd. Co. organizes and arranges heli-diving experience for diving enthusiasts. Heli + Diving … should be one hell of an experience!!!

Contact Airgurus Ltd. Co. 24/7 at these numbers +632 583 6337 / +632 854 4086 / +63 920 955 0897 / +63 917 596 6288. Also, visit us at

Heli-biking is the combination of a scenic helicopter tour, where Airgurus Ltd. Co.‘s Capt. Harry Harvey Lero drops you, your guide and your bike to a remote destination followed by a mountain bike ride back. Airgurus offers some of the highest and longest heli-bike rides in the Philippines!

Whether you’re a novice or an expert mountain biker, a tourist or local, loves extreme downhill riding or just enjoy scenic mountain biking away from the crowds, you will definitely love Airgurus Ltd. Co.‘s heli-biking tours!

To book and/or inquire, please contact Airgurus 24/7 at these numbers +632 583 6337 / +632 854 4086 / +63 920 955 0897 / +63 917 596 6288. Also, visit us at

Why let the distance get in the way of you enjoying a round of golf? Arrive quickly at the Philippines’ premier golf courses and in style! Traveling by road can sometimes take longer than expected from A to B. Some of Philippines’ most high regarded golf courses are well off the beaten track and are many hours drive from the nearest airport. With Airgurus Ltd. Co.’s heli-golf you combine golfing with the ultimate helicopter sightseeing adventure!

To ensure that you don’t waste time and spend all your Philippines vacation traveling, Airgurus Ltd. Co. can work with you to arrange helicopter charters and transfers to get you to top golf courses in the country with the least possible hassle.

Get exclusive use of Airgurus’ helicopters that enables flexibility to experience more exotic locations within short time frame. With the option of helicopter transportation, it is a perfect option and makes the otherwise, logistically impossible, distinctly possible!

Airgurus can make your golfing dreams possible. Ready now, ready next week, they are ready when you are… More often than not, you get to park closer to the Club House than the Club Captain!

To book and/or inquire, please contact 24/7 at these numbers +632 583 6337 / +632 854 4086 / +63 920 955 0897 / +63 917 596 6288. Also, visit us at

BusinessWorld’s Highlife Magazine recently featured Airgurus Ltd. Co. November-December 2010 issue Highlife Magazine.

Hailed as “Masters of the Skies”, Airgurus Ltd. Co. is getting to be unstoppable with their goals to provide quality VIP and Corporate Charter services in the Philippines.

Spearheaded by the CEO / Chief Pilot, Capt. Harry Harvey Lero,Airgurus Ltd. Co. provides the following services:

* VIP / Corporate Charter
* Medivac / Air Ambulance
* Sling Load Operation
* Air Cargo
* Film and TV Work
* Flight Training
* Aircraft Management
* Aircraft Sales and Lease
* Heli-Sports
* Search and Rescue
* Geological Survey and Mapping
* Helicopter Tours
* Cadaver Repatriation
* Aerial Construction
* Traffic Reporting
* Spraying
* Exploration Drill Support
* Cloud Seeding
* SkyAid

To know more of Airgurus Ltd. Co., visit their website

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